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Laila Cafe (라일라카페)

Fecha de actualización: 2019-05-15


Laila Cafe, operated by a Moroccan woman and her husband, serves authentic Moroccan and French teas. The cafe features the best equipment for serving these teas true to their origins. The cafe was invited to operate a Moroccan tea booth at the 2017 Hadong International Tea Festival as well as at the 2017 BEXCO Tea Culture Special Hall.

In addition to teas, Laila Cafe also serves traditional desserts and dishes from Morocco and France, using flour and chocolate from France and other European countries.


Address: 28, Oncheoncheon-ro 339beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan (47886)
Telephone: +82-51-611-6008
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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