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Samtan Art Mine (삼탄아트마인)

Update date: 2022-08-31


[tourist site]
Samtan Art Mine is an art complex transformed from an abandoned mine. After being used as a coal mine for 40 years, the mine turned into an art complex in 2001. With more than 100,000 art works on exhibit as well as the harmony between the art installations and the interior, which still maintains elements of the former coal mine, the art mine creates a unique atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere. With lots to see and the availability of many special programs, Samtan Art Mine offers an unique experience and serves as a great photo spot for tourists.


Address: 1445-44, Hambaeksan-ro, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do (26157)
Telephone: 82-33-591-3001
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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