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Kudok Folk Village (구덕민속촌)

Fecha de actualización: 2020-02-20


Kudok Folk Village boasts a beautiful traditional Korean house (hanok) and offers food such as fresh and soft galbi (beef short rib) which is selected with only the highest level of quality, and hanbang yuhwang-ori (smoked duck with herbs) made with 20 kinds of herbs, beoseot-jeongol (mushroom hot pot), and naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles). Other facilities aimed at families with children are planned to be built, like an exhibition hall of folk crafts and an animal farm.


Address: 15-17, Hakgam-daero 39beonan-gil, Sasang-gu, Busan (47055)
Telephone: +82-51-311-0127
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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