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Doripo (도리포)

Update date: 2015-01-22


[tourist site]
A great sunrise and sunset spot, Doripo Park is situated in Doripo on the northwestern end of Haejebando Peninsula, which forms the boundary between Muan-gun, Yeonggwang-gun, and Hampyeong-gun Counties. The long sandy beach and the dense pine tree grove offer a nice environment for sunbathing.

A little farther down from the sandy beach, is the Doripo Port. The port protrudes towards the sea, so people can view the sunrise from there. On the other side of the port towards Chilsan Sea, people can also view beautiful sunset glows. Just like other famous sunrise spots on the West Coast, Doripo watches the sun rise from the sea in Hampyeong in the winter and from the mountain in Yeonggwang in the summer. Every year, a special sunrise event is held on the first day of the New Year.

Another attraction of Doripo is fishing for sea bream and sea bass in Chilsan Sea, which nearby Yeonggwang-gun and Hampyeong-gun Counties. A total of 639 relics from the Goryeo Era have been found in the area, including historical relics like blue celadon bowls unearthed in October 1995, resulting in the area being designated a Historical Site no. 395 of Jeollanam-do. Nearby, tourist sites include Bongdaesan Mountain (195 meters) and Wongapsa Temple.


Address: Songseok-ri, Haeje-myeon, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-do (58503) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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