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365 Safetown (365 세이프타운)

Update date: 2021-08-24


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365 Safetown is a one-of-a-kind safety awareness theme park combining education, entertainment, recreation, and leisure into one public park. It is the world’s first edutainment facility dedicated to teaching the public safety lessons about fire, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

The park consists of three different areas. The Korea Youth Safety Experience Hall provides a realistic experience of natural disasters through 3D and 4D installations. Challenge World offers a chance to test one’s limits through outdoor experience facilities like the tree track and zip line. Lastly, the Gangwon-do Firefighting Academy is a specialized training center for firefighters.


Address: 15, Pyeonghwa-gil, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do (26047)
Telephone: +82-33-550-3101
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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