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Jangheung Cheongwansa Temple (천관사(장흥))

Update date: 2021-11-29


[tourist site]
Cheongwansa Temple is situated in the middle of Cheongwansan Mountain and is believed to have been built by Monk Tongyeong during the Silla Kingdom. It was once home to over 1,000 monks in its 89 buildings. Beneath the temple’s humble exterior is an impressive collection of cultural properties including Cheongwansa Three-Story Pagoda (Treasure), Cheongwansa Seokdeung (stone lantern), Five-Story Pagoda, and Jangheung Tapsansaji Seokdeung (stone lantern). In addition, Cheongwansan Mountain is known for beautiful camellias in spring and gorgeous silver grass in fall as well as an array of fascinating rock formations. Visitors can also enjoy the views of Dadohae (an archipelago) from the top of the mountain.


Address: 1272-473, Chilgwan-ro, Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do (59351)
Telephone: +82-61-867-2954
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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