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Mungyeong Daeseungsa Temple (대승사(문경))

Update date: 2020-06-25


[tourist site]
Situated on Sabulsan Mountain, Daeseungsa Temple is a beautiful building, rich in history. The name of the mountain on which the temple was built was originally called Gongdeoksan, but was later known as Sabulsan. The name, Sabulsan, (meaning “Four Buddhas”) comes from the legend of the Silla Period in which a large stone shrouded with red silk and etched with four faces of Buddha mysteriously descended upon the mountain. Upon hearing the news of this miraculous event, the king at the time (King Jinpyeong) immediately visited the spot and had the temple built next to the sacred stone.

The temple was partially destroyed by fire in the summer of 1922, but was restored in 1927 thanks to the efforts of Monks Uiun, Chwiwol, and Deoksan. In January 1958, the temple once again suffered fire damage, leaving only a few buildings (Geukrakjeon, Myeongbujeon, and Sansingak) untouched. Monks Daehyu, Seolwol, and Jeongam helped to restore the temple and the temple has remained well-preserved ever since.


Address: 283, Daeseungsa-gil, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (36905) (Korean only) (Korean, English)
Telephone: +82-54-552-7105
data provided by Korea Tourism Organization
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