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Pancakes On The Rocks

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Pancakes on the Rocks opened on 17 August 1975 on Hickson Road, at The Rocks in Sydney.
The idea for Pancakes On the Rocks dates back to the late 1950s when some intrepid Australians took a road trip across America. They noticed the popularity of pancakes on American restaurant menus and wanted to bring their love of pancakes to Australia. It opened its first restaurant in Adelaide in 1965, then around Victoria. The original founders parted ways by moving to Sydney and opening Pancakes On Rocks. As a company, we continued to pursue our vision of creating a casual dining, family restaurant that featured pancakes and had something for everyone on the menu.

In 1994, Pancakes On The Rocks embarked on a rebirth, adding pizzas, a new range of salads, crepes, pancakes, and now-famous beef and pork chops to the menu. The new menu has become very popular for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. To meet the growing demand for Pancakes On The Rocks, there are now restaurants in The Rocks, Northmead, Darling Harbor, Beverly Hills, Darling Square and Queensland's Gold Coast.
Our goal of providing quality food with friendly service in a welcoming atmosphere continues in all our restaurants. As Pancakes On Rocks continues to be successful in each region, we plan to open more restaurants in Australia and around the world.