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Yama no Hotel Musouen

This is a hot spring inn located in Yufuin, Oita Prefecture.
There are several ways to get to Musouen.
It is easy to see how to get there by airplane, train, bus, or car on the homepage, so please refer to it.
Example: Departure from Fukuoka Airport, Departure from Oita Airport , Departure from Kitakyushu Airport.
It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to go southeast by car from Fukuoka Airport.
By public transportation, it takes about 7 minutes by taxi from JR Yufuin Station ( 由布院駅) to Musoen.
Address: 〒879-5103 1243 Kawaminami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

It is an open-air bath with a nice atmosphere and view.
  • Kukai no Yu (female only)
  • Gomuso no Yu (male only)
  • Kobo no Yu (male only)

You can check the price and make a reservation on the website.
Check the availability of hot springs as well!