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Nadai Unato Toueno Ten

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Nadai Unato Toueno Ten
Eel over rice restaurant with good cost-effectiveness where you can eat eel over rice at an affordable price.
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Nadai Unatoto, located in Ueno, is one of the popular restaurants in Tokyo, Japan where you can enjoy delicious eel rice bowls. The inside of the store may look small, but the food is very good considering the price range, and you can taste high-quality eel rice bowls. The double eel rice bowl is generous, soft and delicious and will satisfy your taste buds. The price range is reasonable, so it can be said to be very good value for money. Nadai Unatoto is popular not only with Japanese locals, but also with Koreans and Westerners. The inside of the store is clean and the restrooms are neat, so you can enjoy your meal comfortably. The staff is friendly and the service is fast, and they are happy to guide you even if you have trouble understanding the menu. There is also seating on the second floor, so even if you visit alone, you can enjoy your meal comfortably. The charm of Nadai Unatoto is that it provides an atmosphere and food that give you a sense of their own long-established restaurant sensibility. The unique aroma and taste of charcoal-grilled eel is exquisite, and you can enjoy delicious unagi-don. Inside the store, there is a special equipment for grilling eel, so you can experience fresh and delicious eel. Nadai Unatoto, where you can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices, is one of the restaurants you must visit during your trip to Japan. This is a highly recommended place for those who like eel, so I recommend you visit.

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