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The Dragon

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The Dragon
Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant at the Sheraton Taipei Hotel

2018-2021 《Taipei Michelin Guide》Recommended Restaurants
A team of chefs from Hong Kong have been invited to create perfect Cantonese cuisine, and you can feel the flavor of traditional Cantonese cuisine in a simple modern Chinese atmosphere.

The Dragon
.Location: B1
.Number of seats: 242
.Exclusive rooms: 7
.Menu: Hong Kong-style grilled meat, Hong Kong-style dim sum, Cantonese stir-fried dishes, fresh seafood, vegetarian dishes
.Chef's Recommendations: Cantonese Duck, Crispy Roast Duck, Hong Kong Style Boiled Chicken, Stone Pot Rice, Tangsu Ribs, Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

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The Dragon is a Michelin Guide-listed restaurant in Taipei specializing in Cantonese cuisine. This place offers guests a comfortable and satisfying dining experience with delicious food, excellent service, and a beautiful atmosphere. The waiters and waitresses working at the restaurant are all very friendly and helpful. It's exactly what you'd expect from a 5-star hotel restaurant. Compared to other restaurants, the prices are mid-range so you don't have to worry about it. It was hard to get a reservation, but we were lucky enough to have a great lunch time. You can enjoy the famous Beijing duck and pork. You can also choose from typical dim sum and Cantonese food, so you can enjoy a variety of menus. The food, service and atmosphere are all great. Served with Hong Kong-style crispy duck, crispy duck legs in hoisin sauce, and duck soup. Guests who arrive early are guided so that they can sit at a table without the crowds outside. It is one of the best dim sum restaurants and offers a variety of dishes to its customers. You can enjoy a variety of menus, from meat dishes to dim sum. The interior of the restaurant has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a meal. It is praised by guests for exceeding their expectations with its diverse menu and professional service.

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