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The largest meat restaurant. There are buildings 1, 2 and 3 together.
"Gabojeong" is patented under the [Trademark Act].
Raw Korean beef ribs, Korean beef seasoned ribs, Korean beef fillet sirloin, Korean beef raw ribs, American raw ribs, American seasoned ribs, set meal, galbitang, soybean paste stew, water naengmyeon, bibim naengmyeon

Gabojeong, located in Suwon, Korea, is a rib restaurant with a long history and tradition, and has many advantages. The biggest reason to choose Gabojeong is the excellent taste and quality of service. First of all, the taste and quality of meat at Gabojeong are excellent. Using Korean beef, the meat is soft, fresh, and has a great savory taste. In particular, although there are many places where raw ribs are delicious throughout Korea, Gabojeong's raw ribs are evaluated as being particularly delicious. Even if you order seasoned ribs or imported seasonings, you can enjoy them because they are of high quality. Gabojeong is highly regarded for the variety and taste of its side dishes. The side dishes are presented neatly and deliciously, and the seasoning and cooking methods are sophisticated, adding vitality to the meal. In particular, taking advantage of its location as a Korean beef restaurant, it offers a variety of Korean side dishes so you can enjoy the traditional and rich taste. In terms of service, Gabojeong is also very excellent. The staff welcomes customers with very friendly and attentive service. In particular, you can enjoy meals in your room, providing a more satisfying experience as you can enjoy a comfortable meal with family and friends in a private space. Gabojeong has a large and spacious parking lot, so you don't have to worry about parking, and the atmosphere inside the store is luxurious and quiet, making it a great place for special days or family events. Gabojeong has the disadvantage of being expensive, but it provides value for money by providing high-quality food and service that matches the price. Gabojeong, which is perfect for special occasions or a meal with loved ones, is loved by many people. Gabojeong, one of the best Korean beef rib restaurants in Suwon, has outstanding advantages in many aspects such as taste, service, and atmosphere. Gabojeong is a place that is highly recommended to many people, where you can enjoy the taste and quality of meat, a variety of delicious side dishes, friendly and attentive service, and a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.