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Park Seobang Restaurant

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A good value-for-money Baekban set meal (abalone paste, grilled fish, meat, shrimp paste, tofu, salad, bean sprout side dishes, conch, fried shrimp, etc.).

Park Seobang Restaurant in Samcheonpo, Sacheon is famous for its abalone and shrimp paste. The taste and variety of food here is great for the price, and while there may be a wait, it's well worth it. When you visit this restaurant, you can try a variety of menu items, including abalone paste, shrimp paste, fried shrimp, and grilled fish. You may have to wait, especially if you visit on the weekend, but it's worth it because you can eat delicious food. The menu prices have gone up a bit recently, but it's still well worth it. If you order for 2 people, you will be provided with 4 shrimp paste, 2 abalone paste, 2 fish, and side dishes, so you can enjoy a hearty meal. The side dishes are neat and delicious, making them attractive. The main menu is the Baekban set menu, and it is also convenient because you can enjoy it as soon as it is served. It is important to note that the business closes when the ingredients run out, but this is also proof that fresh ingredients are used. There may be a wait at this restaurant, but you'll be rewarded with delicious food and great service. The seaweed soup and black rice are delicious, and the owner's friendly service is also memorable. Park Seobang Restaurant is considered one of the best restaurants in Samcheonpo, Sacheon, and is evaluated as having excellent cost-effectiveness. If you want to experience delicious food and great service, we recommend visiting Park Seobang Restaurant. It would be good to consider that it is a popular restaurant, with locals visiting it frequently.