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Amphawa Floating Market

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Amphawa by shankar s. / CC BY 2.0
Bridge to the Amphawa Floating Market by shankar s. / CC BY 2.0
Amphawa floating market by mkismkismk / CC BY 2.0
Amphawa by Matt Krepsik / CC BY 2.0



Amphawa Floating Market Open only on Fridays and Saturdays. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Bangkok. Good to go in the evening. Since it is far from Bangkok, it is recommended to go with a tour package that includes a tour of the nearby Maeklong Railway Market. And even a firefly boat tour is available. For your reference, there is also Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (very many visitors) nearby. Watch the YouTube video below to find out where it is.

Amphawa Floating Market is a bustling and vibrant weekend destination in Thailand that offers visitors a unique and entertaining experience. Located in Amphawa, a sub-district of Tha Chuat District near Samut Songkhram Province in Eastern Thailand, Amphawa is one of the most beloved weekend getaways in the region.

The Floating Market of Amphawa is a unique experience of Thai culture and lifestyle on the Mae Klong River. It has been around for more than a century and has become a favored destination for both local Thai people and tourists. The sight of the local vendors on the river and the small boats filled with vegetables, fruits, foodstuffs, dishes, and souvenirs is a typical and tranquil scene. The atmosphere here is so inviting and relaxed that it’s easy to spend the entire day here. 

The Amphawa Floating Market typically occurs on the weekends, with its peak time being on Sunday. Visitors flock to the market from virtually all over the country, arriving by car, motorbike, bus, train, or simply by floating their way to the market in their own boats. Visitors to the floating market usually arrive early in the morning and can find a wide variety of products from the vendors operating here. Fruit, vegetables, and delicious local food recipes feature prominently in the market, while traditional items such as clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs are also on offer.

The main attractions of the market, however, are the small boats and the vendors that operate them. It is not uncommon to see vendors selling locally grown fruit, vegetables, and prepared food while travelling up and down the waterway. Visitors can sample different types of food prepared by the vendors while admiring the beautiful scenery of the surroundings. The vendors usually provide customers with a wide variety of fresh produce and prepared meals. Traditional Thai items can also be found as souvenirs in the market.

The music playing along the river accompanys the sights of the vendors operating on the boats and the small shops, cafes, and restaurants established on the bank. Moreover, the performances by music bands in the centres of the market add to the vibrant atmosphere here. Local performances of music, dances, theatre, and puppet shows also attract visitors.

The Amphawa Floating Market, despite its very traditional Thai links, also has stunning modern accommodations and restaurants. They are located along the Mae Klong River and offer a mix of Thai and international cuisine. Camping, as well as serviced accommodations, can be found in the area. There are even private tour boats that can be hired to take visitors on an interesting excursion along the Mae Klong River and its surrounding area.

Amphawa Floating Market is an enchanting experience and one of Thailand’s most popular attractions. Its unique combination of traditional Thai culture and modern amenities makes it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a true taste of Thailand. Whether one is looking for a family outing or a romantic getaway, Amphawa Floating Market offers something for everyone.

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