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Pizzeria Popolare

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This is a popular pizza restaurant.
Pizza tonight!

Pizzeria Popolare is an Italian pizzeria located in the center of Paris. Reservations are required and you must sit at a high bar table. There are a lot of customers. This is a great lunch or dinner spot for Italian food. From the moment you are greeted by freshly baked pizzas filled with the smells of Italy and the lively atmosphere of a bustling trattoria, Pizzeria Popolare promises to transport you to Naples. . The prices are very reasonable and the Some Like It Hot pizza has very soft and thin dough. The menu is simple and the same as other Big Mama locations. The atmosphere was good. The staff came out during opening time to welcome us in Italian, and the decor was nice. Both pizza and pasta were great. Be sure to try the tiramisu. If you like pizza, you must visit this place! This is a must see place, it takes you to Italy. I was able to enjoy excellent pasta and truffle pizza paired with delicious Italian wine.

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