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Paris catacombs (catacombs)

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Some people might have a hard time looking at the picture of the skull, so I replaced it with a calm picture.

Les Catacombes of Paris

Translation of website content.

From 1809, the Paris Catacombs (catacombs) were open to the public.
In the late 18th century, due to major public health concerns with the city's cemeteries, the decision was made to move them underground.
The Parisian authorities chose an easily accessible location on the outskirts of the capital at the time.
It was the former Tomb-Assouard quarry beneath the plain of Montrouge.
The first took place between 1785 and 1787 and concerned the Saints-Innocents Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Paris.

20 meters deep, 5 floors.
245 steps.
1.5 km (1 hour to go).
Total area 11,000m2 (approximately 3327 pyeong).

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