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Capri Island

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You can get to Capri by boat from Naples or Sorrento.
From Naples: 40 minutes.
From Sorrento: 20 minutes.
You will arrive at the port of Porto Turistico di Capri in the Marina Grande neighborhood.
There are Capri and Anacapri .
Capri is on the right and Anacapri is on the left.

You can take the mountain cable car Funiculare [Funicolare di Capri • Stazione a Valle (Marina Grande)] to the central Piazzetta di Capri . Funicolare di Capri • Stazione a Monte (Piazzetta)] .

If you go to Via Camerelle , there are several shops and prestigious stores.

Additional places worth visiting:
- You can ride the Monte Solaro Chair Lift for 1 person to Monte Solaro (Mountain Solaro).
- Belvedere of Punta Cannone : Fantastic view
- Giardini di Augusto : A fantastic view
- Grotta Azzurra Blue Cave : Located at the northwest end of the island. Tips should be prepared. ^^
- Arco Naturale : A fantastic view. located to the east.