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Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba

views: 1658
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Since 1738! It is said to be the world's first pizzeria. Not only pizza, but also other food. Visited by Gordon Ramsay.

Introduction: "Pizzeria Port'Alba" is one of the first pizzas in Neapolitan. It is located next to one of the city gates. Originally a small pizzeria that opened in 1738, every peddler could be supplied with "Pizza Marinara," "Pizza with Anchovies," "Pizza Szecheniel," and "Pizza with Tomato and Mozzarella" (Margherita after 1889). . In 1830 it became a true pizzeria restaurant with tables, chairs and two floors, especially linguine "Luciana", linguine "S. Lucia' and other seafood specialties. Pizzeria Port Alba was founded in 1625 by Viceroy Antonio Alvarez de It is located under the so-called "Gate of Sciuscelle" (or "Gate of Carrots") erected under Toledo, Duke of Alba (who gave Natl to that gate), so it is located on the ancient and beautiful Via Costantinopoli in the cultural heart of the city. (today's "Antique Collectors' Street") and the Conservatory of music Among its regular customers, the pizzeria Port'Alba has King Ferdinando of Borbone, Francesco Crispi, Antonio Cardarelli, Benedetto Croce, Gabriele D'Annunzio, Salvatore Di It has welcomed some of the most important figures of all times, such as Giacomo and others.