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Lune Croissanterie Fitzroy

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Selling premium croissants (French pronunciation: coissang).
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Lune Croissanterie, located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, is renowned for its high quality croissants. This is a modern and stylish bakery. Rune Croissants are highly praised for their perfect balance of crunchy croissants, rich almond filling, and crunchy sliced ​​almonds on top. This handmade bakery is definitely worth a try for croissant lovers. The pastel-toned interior is spacious and comfortable, offering true relaxation. The service is excellent and all staff are friendly and friendly. In addition to croissants, you can also enjoy coffee and hot chocolate. All bakery products are praised for being excellent. Lune Croissanterie Fitzroy is one of Melbourne's must-visit bakeries. This is an attractive shop with delicious croissants that surpass those in Paris. The coffee is delicious and fragrant along with the bread. The price is a little expensive but it's worth paying. I highly recommend this place to those looking for high-quality croissants. If you want to enjoy top-quality croissants in a clean and cozy atmosphere, be sure to visit.