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Sukseokdo Nohyeong Main Building

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Myungpun Jeju Pig Louisbydon (LYB). It is the era of choosing and eating pork by breed. This is a LYB (Louis Bidon) luxury Jeju pig, which was cross-bred from three pigs: Landrace, Yorkshire, and Berkshire. It is a Jeju pig that tastes better than black pig by taking advantage of Berkshire's excellent savory taste and chewy texture of fat. You can only taste it at the maturity level.

Cross-aged black pig (front leg of black pig), 960 aged black bone sirloin (black pig bone sirloin), 720 aged bone neck (LYB bone neck), 720 aged 1% pork shoulder (LYB shoulder), 720 aged pork belly (LYB pork belly), 560 whole hangjeong ( LYB meat), 720 200 meat (only 200g from one black pig), honeycomb seasoning shell (honeycomb soy sauce seasoning, salted cutlass fish stir-fried rice, soybean paste rice, mixed noodles with raw flounder, dongchimi radish noodles, kimchi stew.