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Gomak Restaurant

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Hoe noodles, sea urchin noodles, sashimi rice bowl, mulhoe, grilled head, cooked mackerel, grilled mackerel, raw abalone, raw fish maeuntang, live octopus, raw mackerel, halibut, red sea bream, dageumbari, large yellowtail, steamed live abalone, abalone hot pot, Milchihoe, jaetbangeo, abalone porridge, sea urchin noodles, sea squirt, horn conch sukhoe, bowhanchihoe, flounder.

This restaurant is famous for its affordable prices and delicious food, and it adopts a one menu ordering system per person. This restaurant has a unique charm in that you can enjoy meals within one hour. Personally, the raw fish noodles and sea urchin noodles were delicious. You can order at the kiosk. In particular, the seasoning for the raw noodles was very delicious. The sea urchin noodles had a subtle sea urchin flavor and a nice hot broth. The store was very large and the parking lot was large, so it was convenient to use. The restaurant I originally planned to go to was closed, so I went there, but I was satisfied with the raw fish noodles and grilled mackerel, and I thought I'd like to try the sea urchin noodles next time. The rice was served in a pot, and it was nice to be able to add soybean sprouts to it. Among the side dishes was fried fish fillet, which was also very delicious. There were many restaurants and cafes nearby, so it was easy to plan my route, and I was satisfied with the size of the restaurant and the size of the parking lot. The grilled mackerel was especially delicious, and my parents liked it very much. It is said to be a place visited by not only tourists but also locals because it is located in a place with beautiful scenery. The sea urchin noodles were very satisfying as there was a generous amount of cooked sea urchin on top of the thick noodles. The abalone porridge was also very delicious. Thanks to the very friendly staff, I was able to enjoy my meal in a comfortable atmosphere. There is also a terrace with a panoramic view of the beach, so you can enjoy a particularly enjoyable meal when the weather is nice. Another big advantage was that you could eat so many different types of food at a low price. It is located in a place that is easy to find if you take the coastal road.