Cheongpung Lakeside Cable Car Multaeri Station

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Enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Cheongpung Lake, which you can see when you come to Cheongpung, a famous attraction in Jecheon.
We fly your wonderful and happy memories over Cheongpung Lake in the inland sea with the Cheongpung Lakeside Cable Car.

The Cheongpung Lakeside Cable Car is a cable car facility that runs a 2.3km section from Multae-ri, Cheongpung-myeon to the top of Bibongsan Mountain. It is operated with 43 first-class 10-seater cabins from Doppelmeyer of Austria to provide customers with a more relaxed and pleasant boarding environment.

Bibongsan at the top of the cable car is named because it resembles a phoenix hatching an egg and then soaring to find food. Cheongpungho Lake The view from the top of Bibongsan Mountain is surrounded by deep blue Cheongpungho Lake on all sides, so you can feel as if you are on an island in the middle of the wide sea.

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