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Inha University

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The name 'Inha' is derived from 'In' in Incheon and 'Ha' in Hawaii, following the historical meaning of Inha University's location in Incheon and commemorating the help of Koreans in Hawaii at the time.

In the past, our school was launched in 1952, in the middle of the Korean War, in order to improve the industrial level of Korea, which was lagging behind as a project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Korean immigrants to Hawaii. The financial resources necessary for the establishment of the school include the proceeds from the disposal of the Korea Christian Institute, which was established and operated by Dr. In February 1954, 'Inha Institute' was established with donations from Incheon City, and on April 24 of the same year, a historic opening was made as Inha Institute of Technology.

March 5, 1952: Establishment committee for the establishment of Inje University of Technology was organized.
December 01, 1952: The then-President Lee Cheung-hyeok proposed to establish an engineering college in Incheon as a commemorative project for the 50th anniversary of Korean immigrants to Hawaii.
April 24, 1954: University opened.

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It is located in Yonghyeon-dong.