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Madame Lan Restaurant

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A Vietnamese restaurant popular with Koreans. Interior pretty. since 2012.

About the restaurant:

Ms. Lân was an ordinary Vietnamese woman with a special love for cooking. She raised her six children on fresh vegetables from her garden and a constant splash of fish and shrimp in baskets lined with bamboo leaves. The meals she prepared were not lavish, but carefully seasoned with locally grown fragrant herbs and embodied her passion for Vietnamese cuisine. Her kitchen was always full of laughter and unforgettable, unique aromas. These memories led to the establishment of Madame Lan Restaurant. With a mission to honor not just the taste but the social dimension of Vietnamese culinary traditions, Madame Lân believes that a fulfilling dining experience can bring people together. Fullness is when creativity is combined with a deep respect for the basics of Vietnamese cuisine to create new experiences. It's the attention and positive energy that comes from our servers, and a warm atmosphere that helps people dine together.