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Han Market

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CHO HAN When you visit Da Nang, you automatically go to this market. The scale is not large. Anyone who has traveled to Southeast Asia knows what it feels like. Most of them are tourists and bargaining is a must. The first floor mostly sells fruits and food, while the second floor sells clothes, shoes, accessories, and counterfeit products. Many people usually visit to buy ao dai.

Danang Han Market is one of the representative traditional markets located in Da Nang City, Vietnam. This market is located in the heart of Da Nang and is a very popular place among locals and tourists. Han Market is known for its variety of products and lively atmosphere, and is a great place to shop and experience local culture.

Variety of products: Han Market sells a variety of products, including groceries such as fruits, vegetables, and meat, as well as clothing, shoes, bags, and souvenirs. In particular, it is popular with tourists because you can purchase locally produced specialties and handicrafts.

Low prices: Since this is a market frequented by locals, the prices are relatively cheap. Of course, you may need to haggle as some merchants may charge high prices to target tourists.

Local Food: Within the Han Market, there are small restaurants and street stalls selling a variety of local foods. You can taste traditional Vietnamese foods such as banh mi, pho, and bun cha, and also enjoy fresh fruit juice and snacks.

Lively atmosphere: The market is always crowded with people and has a lively atmosphere. The sounds of merchants bargaining, people choosing items, and various colors and smells combine to create a lively experience.

Location and accessibility: Han Market is located in the heart of Da Nang city, so it is easily accessible. It is close to major tourist attractions, making it easy for tourists to visit.

If you visit Da Nang, it will be a good memory to tour the Han Market, experience the vivid local culture, and look at various products.