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Juwangsan (Juwang mountain)

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Janggagye in Korea!

Juwangsan National Park was designated as the 12th national park in Korea in 1976, and its area is 105.595㎢. It is the No. 1 scenic spot in Yeongnam that preserves the superb view of Ambong and deep and beautiful valleys that captivate the viewer at a glance. With Juwangsan Mountain (720.6m) as the center, Taehaengsan Mountain (933.1m), Daedunsan Mountain (905m), Myeongdongjae Mountain (875m), and Wanggeoam Rock (907.4m) are horseshoe-shaped and form a wonderful mountain landscape like a natural castle. It is regarded as one of the three rock mountains in Korea as it is composed of welded tuff that has hardened as lava flowed down years ago, forming a unique landscape.
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