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Huinnyeoul Culture Village

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If you have already been to Gamcheon Culture Village , you should go here. This place is also called Santorini in Korea.


It is an attractive tourist destination located on the beautiful coast south of Busan. Visiting this place is a treat for both the eyes and the mind. The village is full of cute and unique shops, making it fun to browse. Old alleys and houses are lined up along the beach, so you can take a walk and feel the atmosphere of the past and present coming together. In particular, when you walk here, the scent of the sea spreads gently, refreshing your mind.

Another attraction of Huinyeoul Cultural Village is the Huin-yeoul Coastal Tunnel. You can experience a unique and unique experience. This village is a popular attraction visited by many tourists and is even more famous as it has often appeared as a filming location for several movies and dramas.

There are cafes with great views throughout the village, so you can have a special time enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at the sea. The blue sea and sky seen beyond the cafe window creates a picturesque scene.

Huinnyeoul Cultural Village is a place where you can experience a variety of cultural experiences beyond simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. The fun of looking at shops with different personalities is a special charm of Huinnyeoul Cultural Village. Visitors who come here can take a break from everyday life while feeling the quiet atmosphere of the village and the coolness of the sea.

Your time here will be unforgettable and you will be immersed in the town's charm.