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Gupo station,

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High-speed train KTX operation.


Gupo Station is a railway station located in the northwest of Busan, and is very convenient for people living in northern Busan or other nearby areas. From the station, you can quickly travel to Seoul and major cities using the high-speed train, KTX. This makes it a huge help for those planning commute times or weekend trips.

Another big advantage is that the station is relatively small and uncluttered. By avoiding the congestion and long waiting times commonly experienced at large stations, passengers can use the train in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

There are restaurants around the station, so you can conveniently enjoy a meal while waiting for your train or after arrival. You can find a variety of restaurants, including traditional Korean restaurants. There are various convenience facilities such as cafes and convenience stores near the station, so you can easily purchase necessary items.