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Gukje Market Busan

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Gukje Market, located in Jung-gu, Busan, is Busan's representative traditional market. This is a must-visit place for anyone who enjoys exploring markets. Right next to Gukje Market is Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, which is great to visit together. You can tour the two markets to see a variety of products and enjoy delicious food. In particular, tasting hotteok at BIFF Square is one of the pleasures you should not forget.

This place is always crowded with people, and it offers a variety of things to see and eat to attract visitors. A variety of products, including crafts and clothing, are sold, so it is also perfect for those who enjoy shopping.

The history of Gukje Market dates back to after liberation in 1945. At the time, the current location was used as a marketplace to trade goods left behind by the Japanese and goods brought by overseas compatriots. This vacant lot was initially called Dottegi Market. When the building was built in 1948, it was named Jayu Market, and in the 1950s, it began handling goods from US military bases, so it was named International Market. Gukje Market, with its history, remains a popular attraction loved by many people to this day.

Gukje Market, located in the center of Busan, has a variety of charms along with its history, and brings special memories to many people.