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Gijang Haenyeo(Women Divers) Village

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기장해녀촌 by HJ K / .


It is the best place to enjoy a variety of fresh seafood and is located in Yeonhwa-ri, Gijang-gun. It is a place where there are attractive food stalls where you can eat while admiring the quiet sea. You can taste various seafood such as abalone porridge, live octopus, sea squirt, and sea cucumber. In particular, abalone porridge is a dish made with the fresh taste of abalone and is a popular menu item that you must try when you visit here. Live octopus has an excellent chewy texture, and sea squirts and sea cucumbers allow you to feel the scent of the sea, making them popular among people who like fresh seafood. Mussel soup is really delicious. There are many food stalls gathered together, so you can choose each one wisely. We hope you have a pleasant meal while tasting fresh seafood.