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Pusan National University

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It is the Busan campus of Pusan National University, which represents Busan. There are more campuses. Example: Yangsan Campus, Miryang Campus, Ami Campus.


Pusan ​​National University, established on May 15, 1946, is a representative university in Busan and the first comprehensive national university in Korea. Pusan ​​National University is famous for its outstanding academic achievements and beautiful campuses, and has a total of four campuses.

In particular, the main campus is famous for its beautiful scenery in harmony with nature.

To visit the university, get off at Pusan ​​National University Station. This station is close to the university. There are various restaurants and cafes around the university.

Pusan ​​National University College of Medicine opened in 1955 and has produced many excellent medical professionals to this day. The medical school is equipped with the latest medical facilities and cutting-edge laboratories, providing students with the best educational environment. Through this, Pusan ​​National University is highly regarded both at home and abroad, and stands out in the medical field with its diverse research achievements and academic activities.

In addition to these academic achievements, Pusan ​​National University is also contributing to regional development through close cooperation with the local community. Through various industry-academia cooperation programs and social contribution activities, we are strengthening communication with local residents and actively participating in solving community problems.